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Rock On Pickle Man!

Dillon was nicknamed “Dill Pickle” by his sisters so for his 17th birthday he was immortalized in cake playing his favorite instrument. Rock on Dillon!

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Pickle Man Detail

Pickle Man Detail

Merry Christmas!

A friend of mine was quick to point out that there aren’t any penguins on the North Pole. Obviously he never watched “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” when he was growing up. It clearly showed Kris Kringle with his friend the penguin. Duh!


Christmas Penguins Cake detail

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Brain Popping Halloween Cake

Halloween is a great holiday for getting creative.  I used Red Velvet cake for the skull (of course) and modeling chocolate for structure and stability. The brain was especially fun to make all slimey.

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90 Years Young!

Granny Irene celebrated her 90th birthday with a Hawaiian luau and cake! The cake has Granny hanging out on a tropical island surrounded by some of the things she loves to do – from playing bridge to serving in the girl scouts, from being a swimming instructor to RVing and bowling.

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Granny Irene

Granny Irene

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    My name is Brian Judd, happily married father of eight living in the city of St. George in southern Utah. I am an avid viewer of cake decorating shows - everything from "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss" to all of the cake "Challenges". The incredible sculptures that they make out of flour and sugar are amazing. In 2009 my children dared me to give it a try. Surprisingly I heard myself commit to making the cake for my daughter's upcoming wedding. I had yet to make a single cake, let alone make or use fondant. The cakes shown on these pages are an illustration of my journey into the world of cake decorating and ultimately to my own cake business - "Dad Makes Cakes".
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